DOT Physical

Georgia DOT Physicals

As an Occupational Health Provider, our goal is to help keep you compliant with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations to ensure your employees are in tip-top shape to prevent accidents and vehicle-related injuries. To reduce these hazards and health risks associated with careers governed by the Department of Transportation, RUCC is certified to perform DOT examinations which meet DOT regulations for all drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs). All DOT testing performed at RUCC is conducted in full compliance with DOT regulations. Our team is trained and ready to assist you in coordinating required certifications and periodic monitoring.

DOT Medical Exams

The Department of Transportation requires all Commercial Drivers License (CDL) holders to receive periodic physical examinations, entitled “Department of Transportation Medical Examination,” to ensure the ability of the driver to safely operate a commercial vehicle. The DOT also requires clearance for drivers that have been diagnosed with the following conditions: sleep apnea, recent back surgery, recent major surgery, a current hernia, or those who have had a recent workers’ compensation claim.